How to Feed the Hungry


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Month Theme: Reaping in the Jubilee

Topic: How to Feed the Hungry

Scripture Reading: Luke 4:16-21

Main Text: Ruth 2:1-16;
Luke 4:19
To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

It is an act of righteousness to share our food with the poor during the Jubilee. WHAT we give to hungry and WHEN we feed them are important. But HOW we feed them is crucial – we must feed the hungry and maintain their dignity at the same time. Boaz’s example shows us HOW to feed the hungry:

1. Reached her (Ruth 2:14)
- Boaz extended his hand to Ruth. Don’t wait for the hungry to come to you. Go to them. Boaz went beyond his prestigious seat and put food into Ruth’s hand. She sat beside the reapers but he found her. The hungry are too weak and intimidated to come to you – go to them.
2. Reproach her not (Ruth 2:15) -
To reproach means to shame, wound, insult, be put to confusion. The poor see themselves as inferior and we should not make their case worse. Ruth had everything to make the men reproach her. But she gleaned among the sheaves – not among the left overs. The reapers dropped grain for her on a field she did not sow in – she reaped where she did not sow. She had a lot but not little grain. 
3. Rebuke her not (Ruth 2:16) -
 To rebuke is to chide, reprove, corrupt. The reapers made things easy for Ruth. They did not stop her neither did they abuse her with their words.

Ruth followed Naomi who returned to her country in jubilee fashion. Naomi heard that God had given bread to the people of Israel and she returned to her possession and family (Ruth 1:6). The Jubilee is a time for people to experience the mercies of God. We must avail ourselves to God to use us to bless others. Neither lack nor greed should accompany us into the Jubilee. In the Jubilee, God blesses us so that we can bless others. This is the Jubilee. We have enough to share with others.

Prayer: Pray for yourself that you'll receive the grace to feed the poor. That the poor will not leave your presence hungry.

Extract From:
"The Jubilee" by Eastwood Anaba
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