Reason for Two - Two for Work

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Month Theme: The Sons of Oil

Topic: Reason for Two - Two for Work

Scripture Reading: Genesis 2:15-25

Main Text:
Zechariah 4:14
14 Then said he, These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the Lord of the whole earth.

The Bible presents TWO sons of oil, NOT ONE (Zechariah 4:11-14). The Hebrew word for “two” in the above scripture reference is shenayim meaning two, second, double, couple and twofold. The word shenayim means more than the number two – it speaks about the union of two ie double, couple, twofold. Agreement is implied.

The two sons of oil in Zechariah 4:14 operated together. God designed human beings to operate in twos for good reasons, one of which is for work. God created Adam to “dress and keep” the Garden of Eden and gave him Eve as a “help meet” partly for that purpose (Genesis 2:15). The word "alone" is the Hebrew word lèbaddō. It is comparable with a castle with high walls which prevent someone from seeing the nice buildings and gardens that are inside. This is the picture of the phrase “to be alone.” Adam was not sharing the good things in him with anybody.  

“Help meet” is the Hebrew word ʿēzer (ay-zer) meaning aid. The help meet is a suitable or corresponding helper for the man. “Help meet” may apply to other areas of life apart from marriage. The power of the corresponding helper for work includes:
1. Support – emotional, spiritual and physical.
2. Supply – intellectual, financial and skill.
3. Supervision – correction, training and reward.

Prayer: Pray and ask God to bring into your life the person who will give you the needed support, supply and supervision to fulfill your purpose.

Recommended Reading:
"The Sons of Oil" by Eastwood Anaba
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